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Better street design

Getting San Diego to adopt and use national standards for Complete Streets that better protect the most vulnerable users of our roads.

Separated lanes

Pushing the City of San Diego to build more separated lanes so people aged 8-80 feel comfortable riding our streets — whether bike, scooter, powered chair, skateboard, or whatever they roll with.

Lower road speeds

Together we advocate for lower speed limits on San Diego streets, a proven strategy for lowering injury rates and saving lives.

Finishing the network

Grassroots pressure to get long-stalled SANDAG bike lane projects back on track and completed.

Educating leaders

Speaking out in community forums and bringing more voices to the table in favor of more space for small transport like bikes and scooters

Bringing us together

Gathering the natural alliance of street users: the disabled, elderly, cyclists, scooter users, walker, the economically disenfranchised, and transit riders to create healthier and safer spaces for all of us.

We want you involved.

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2020 SD City Council District 7 Candidate Responses

2020 City Council Questionnaire – District 7: McIntyre, Wheatcroft

   Candidate: Monty A. McIntyre   1) What are your top 3 priorities for improving the biking experience in District 7 for residents and families? 1. Maintain bike lanes so they are free of potholes, ruts or significant cracks. 2.…

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District 5 questionnaire banner

2020 City Council Questionnaire – District 5: von Wilpert, Wang

 Candidate: Marni von Wilpert —   1) What are your top 3 priorities for improving the biking experience in District 5 for residents and families? My top 3 priorities to improve the biking experience are (1) building upon the existing…

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2020 SD City Council D1 candidate questionnaire

2020 City Council Questionnaire – District 1: Brennan, LaCava, Moore, Puentes, Rodolico

Candidate: Aaron Brennan — 1) What are your top 3 priorities for improving the biking experience in District 1 for residents and families? The entire city needs to be made more bike friendly. That said, I would like to identify main bike transit…

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Nicole Burgess and friends in San Diego

Sharing bike love while I venture to Croatia, the Adriatic, and beyond

I'm excited as I depart for Croatia for my fourth Climate Ride and thank all my friends for the continued support as I learn, explore, and engage with unfamiliar territories. I'm making the best of my long flight and will continue onto Munich and…

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Ruffin Road garden ride June 2019 - 6

A summer ride to Ruffin Road in Linda Vista to see the Garden

BikeSD Board Members, Nicole and Natalie, led a fun ride to Ruffin Road to visit an amazing food garden in the heart of Kearny Mesa. The day was fabulous and many thanks to all the riders that came out. Meeting in Old Town with a diverse group of…

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photo of Nicole's touring bike.

Why I Ride – message from our new board president

Inaugural message from Nicole Burgess, new BikeSD board president. If you know me, you know I love to ride. From near to far, in flips or Uggs, nothing beats the beauty of pedaling for a cause. Whether it’s pedaling for my groceries or to advocate…

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