The City Council approved the Downtown Mobility Plan (2016) but it requires further political support to ensure implementation. San Diego bicyclists are very familiar with planning fatigue. Will the downtown mobility plan gather dust with so many other well intentioned studies and plans?

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Friday, April 12 – Free Cargo Bike Carnival

Bring your bicycles to Waterfront Park on Friday, April 13, from 3-6pm for an easy flat ride along the new separated bike lanes in downtown San Diego. Free demonstrations of cargo bikes suitable for families (including electric bikes and accessories). Free helmets for 100 kids and adults with expert fittings by Bike coloring book…

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Map of the 2018 Downtown Mobility Plan

The Downtown Mobility Plan hits the ground but much work remains

The Downtown Mobility Plan (DMP) has broken ground in San Diego as of December 19, 2018! Paint crews began striping thermoplastic lanes along J Street and the entire DMP Phase 1 should be complete “in a few months time,” according to Mayor Faulconer. This day has been a long time coming after years of planning, delays and cost overruns, but we’d…

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2018 San Diego Bike Plan

2018: Hopefully a year of progress for bicyclists

In 2018, San Diego needs to take another step forward towards becoming a world class bicycling city. While the streets of San Diego have become increasingly bike-friendly, San Diego needs more than incremental changes to meet our safety and climate action goals. Below are a few of the initiatives we will be watching for improvements. If you have…

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San Diego Downtown Mobility Plan

Cycle tracks are coming to downtown!

Downtown areas in American cities have dramatically redesigned their cities with bicycle infrastructure in recent years. Unfortunately, San Diego was not among the early adopters. Currently, the downtown core of San Diego has no bicycle lanes. In addition to the lack of dedicated infrastructure, many of the roads serve high volume, high speed…

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Downtown Mobility Plan – Member Point of View

By: Jordan Kohl, BikeSD Member The San Diego City Council will soon be voting on the Downtown Mobility Plan, which outlines a network of protected bike lanes, pedestrian greenways, curb bulb-outs, road diets, and more. The benefits of this plan are numerous: reduced green house gas emissions, reduced congestion, reduced demand for parking, and…

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Woman biking in downtown San Diego

Downtown Mobility Plan: A Reason to Love San Diego in 2016

Biking in San Diego could be so much better. Photo: Flickr/Nathan Rupert Some of you may have heard the news about the Downtown Mobility Plan, and UrbDezine has a short summary about the plan. NextCity had a great writeup about it and Damien Newton was kind enough to chat with me about the plan, tentatively scheduled for adoption by City Council…

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Today: Community Workshop for the Downtown Mobility Plan

The third Community Workshop for the Downtown Mobility Plan is scheduled to be held this evening at the Downtown Central Library: 6pm - 8pm San Diego Central Library Neil Morgan Auditorium 330 Park Blvd San Diego, CA 92101 (RSVP here) Next City's Josh Cohen wrote a piece covering what the Downtown Mobility Plan does and doesn't do. Long time…

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Downtown Makes an Ambitous Plan for Our Future

Nothing showcases the plan to prioritize people over motor vehicles better than the visual above. This exciting approach (for San Diego) is part of Civic San Diego's plan to transform downtown San Diego, and do so quickly. And it's all part of a plan that is being worked on called the Downtown Mobility Plan. Civic San Diego is not afraid to dream…

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Bayshore bikeway, San Diego

$312 million updated Bike Plan passes with unanimous support from City Council

The City of San Diego currently has 72.3 miles of Class I bike paths, including the Bayshore Bikeway. The updated plan proposes 94.1 miles. Last Monday, the update to the 2002 Bicycle Master Plan passed with unanimous support from the City Council. This plan to build an additional 595 miles of bicycle facilities nearly doubles the city's existing…

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Draft Bicycle Plan Update

I attended the Draft Bicycle Plan Open House earlier today and was happy to see that it was well attended. The attendees offered many suggestions that will be presented to the City for incorporation into their Master Bicycle Plan. I was unclear on the time frame involved in order for these recommendations to take effect. The recommendations…

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