Board of Directors

Nevo Magnezi

Nevo Magnezi

Nevo Magnezi is a graduate student researcher in bioelectronics at UC San Diego, where he is pursuing his PhD. He received his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland, where outside of academics, he re-learned how to bike along the Anacostia River Trail System. He is also a Graduate Student Association representative at UCSD and involved with bike advocacy on campus. Nevo wants to work towards a region where everyone has safe, affordable, sustainable, healthy, and pleasant methods of getting around, which means more dedicated bike infrastructure! Nevo joined the board of BikeSD in 2020. Twitter: @NevoMagnezi

Brer Marsh

Brer Marsh

Brer Marsh is a practicing architect at Mosher Drew Architecture. Brer is a longtime resident of North Park and member of Uptown Planners, the community planning group for Uptown. His background in art and design coupled with his technical and construction experience gives Brer a unique set of skills in understanding the form of urban space. Brer is a lifelong bike rider and advocate for safer biking infrastructure. Brer joined the board of BikeSD in 2020. Twitter: @brerbear

oscar tavera

Oscar Tavera

Oscar Tavera is a mechanical engineer at Solar Turbines located on Harbor Drive. Relocating from Orlando to San Diego changed his perspective on how biking was not just a hobby but could be the solution to climate change and a healthier lifestyle. He has made the choice to live in the Mission Hills/Hillcrest area and uses his bike for most of his daily trips. He has been active in supporting local affordable housing projects, improving biking infrastructure, and growing the walkability of the city. He balances his casual bike riding with triathlon training, trail running, and neighborhood walks with his miniature pig. Oscar joined the board of BikeSD in 2020.

Matt Schalles

Matt Schalles holds a Ph.D. from UCSD, and studies auditory perception in humans and dolphins. Raised in the midwest, Matt discovered a bicycle lifestyle in California was a huge relief from suburban car culture. Whether advocating for safe multi-use roads, throwing carbon neutral bicycle music festivals, or hauling insane cargo loads, Matt uses bikes to address environmental and economic disparity in our community - all while showing that sustainability can be fun. Matt joined the board of BikeSD in 2020.

Leah Schaperow

Leah Schaperow is a ceramic artist of Milk Oolong Studio in Liberty Station. She replaced her car with an electric bike when she relocated to San Diego from the Washington DC area. Leah in involved in BikeSD to promote comfort and safety for ebikes/ bikes/ skates/scooters/micromobility devices. Leah joined the board of BikeSD in 2020. Instagram: @milkoolongstudio

Kyle Heiskala

Kyle Heiskala

Kyle Heiskala is a political and media strategist who has executed advocacy and political campaigns at both the local level in Southern California and across the globe. He has worked on bicycle advocacy in San Diego for the past 7 years and got his start through improving bicycle infrastructure at the UC San Diego campus and also serving on the City's Bicycle Advisory Committee in 2014. He uses a systems based approach to find solutions to our greatest political and environmental challenges. When Kyle isn’t working, he can be found tending a garden or planning his next bike ride. Kyle has been served as BikeSD's executive director in 2020-2021 and is currently the board president. Twitter: @KyleHeiskala

Deon West

Deon West is a community advocate with an emphasis in outdoor park access. Since the age of 18, Deon has been involved with instructing various outdoor recreational activities popular in San Diego. When the opportunity presents itself he loves to travel to Sacramento to lobby lawmakers for better park access for California youth. Deon joined the board of BikeSD in 2020.

Ariana Criste

Ariana  Criste is a University Heights resident. Originally from Sacramento, she moved to San Diego to attend UCSD where she graduated with a BA in Political Science and Minor in International Migration Studies.

She is passionate about mobilizing people to take action against the climate crisis and works as the Communications Manager at Climate Action Campaign. Ariana is an alumnus of the San Diego Leadership Alliance Institute, 2019 cohort. She joined the board in 2020 and is ready to fight to realize the vision of a world-class bike city in San Diego. Twitter: @aricriste

Andrew Mallick

Andrew Malick

Andrew Malick has over 20 years of experience in the real estate development industry and was one of the first to see value in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego where he has designed and developed multiple projects.When not working on his projects, Andrew works passionately to help local and state government adapt housing policy to align with the sustainable development principals.  He founded and currently chairs the Transit Oriented Development Council, and is also a founding member of the Housing You Matters Coalition where he sits on the Infill Development Policy working group. He joined the board of BikeSD in 2020. Twitter: @andrewmalick.


Elizabeth Mayer

Elizabeth Mayer

WNY native and Golden Hill resident, Elizabeth Mayer's interest in cycling advocacy started after losing a battle with a pothole. The experience inspired Mayer into learning how to make San Diego a safer city to cycle around.

Mayer has spent her professional career in public and marketing communications and will apply those skills to supporting BikeSD achieve its mission.

Mayer graduated from Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY) with a degree in Sport Media and joined BikeSD in 2020.

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