Ride of Silence

Photo from RideofSilence.org

Every year, an international ride commemorates bicycle riders who have been killed or injured while riding on public roads. The goal is to both honor the riders’ lives and to help raise awareness among drivers of the dangers that motor vehicles pose to the more vulnerable users of the road.

To find where your local ride will be held, visit the Ride of Silence website.

Michael Ortiz, the brother of David Ortiz, is organizing a Ride of Silence in New York City to honor David and every other rider that has been killed or injured on public roadways.

Chuck Gilbreth’s daughter-in-law, Lisa, left a comment here to thank the organizers for honoring Chuck Gilbreth’s memory. She stated the following,

We would like thank the bicyclists and their families for organizing this ride for my father-in-law Chuck Gilbreth and the bicyclists who have been killed or injured. I truly hope that city of San Diego changes and make it safer. We live in a beautiful city and we should feel safe. We need to stop being in such a hurry. That driver for forever changed our lives and his. My mother-in-law lost the love of her life. My husband and brothers-in-law do not have a father. Our children will grow up with out their Grandfather and great grand  children will not get to know him or get to meet him. I pray that the Lord keeps you all safe. You are all making a difference. Thank you taking stand. We all proud of you.