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This 2-minute video shows how bike lanes can be built without clogging up traffic, via BikeSD member Barry.

City of San Diego

  • Co-founder of Bikes & Beer, Tim Stempel has created Spin Again Bicycles. Stempel says, it is “a classified site dedicated specifically to bicycles.  Born out of my frustration with a glutted Craigslist in Southern California, the interface is designed to be clean and easy to use, with a sophisticated search/filter mechanism.” Check it out!
  • Decobike stations are now searchable via phone apps. There is a standalone app available on iPhone and via RideScout.
  • In a community vs. business battle, the city is pitting the Deco Bike Bike Share program against Pacific Beach residents.
  • Would San Diego’s bike share program have been more successful with a network of bicycle infrastructure and public funding supporting the program?
  • It is against the law to ride a bicycle while drunk. A woman in Pacific Beach was injured when she rode into a tow truck.
  • A helpful guide from the U-T on how to use the bike sharing program
  • The Nextdoor community in South Park helped catch a bicycle thief.
  • Pacific Beach now has bicycle greenways

San Diego Business Love (the following businesses not only support bicycle riding, but will reward you with a small discount if you ride your bicycle over)

County of San Diego

  • Save the date: October 9-12, 2015 for America’s Finest Ride, a three day overnight bicycle tour around San Diego to experience the richness, variety and beauty that is San Diego cuisine, and San Diego topography.
  • Bicycle rider in Carlsbad was killed when a driver entered the bike lane and struck the rider from behind
  • Plans for the county’s first bike park in Valley Center appear to have slowed down.
  • A 16-year old boy was injured when struck by a vehicle. Note to readers: a helmet doesn’t protect one from being struck by a vehicle
  • SANDAG’s Role In Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disputed
  • Auto shops don’t make for livable neighborhoods and in National City, neighbors are thrilled that the City auto shop is moving out
  • A bicycle rider was hit and killed on the I-5 near Rancho Bernardo. No one on the conclusions of the investigation.
  • Another bicycle rider was killed in El Cajon by a vehicle. We don’t have any updates on the cause or the details of an investigation.
  • Skateparks now are open to non-skateboarders too
  • A San Diego man who has been under suspicion for nearly a year in a hit-and-run crash that killed an Oceanside bicyclist was arrested earlier this month


  • The founder of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, Deb Hubsmith, died after a long battle with cancer
  • The CDC says that cycling will be made safe with protected bike lanes and lower speeds
  • Let’s Put Those Tired, Anti-Bike Arguments to Rest
  • Crashes doubled after Houston banned red light cameras
  • Sabotage and hatred: what have people got against cyclists?
  • There is a right way, and a wrong way, to lock your bicycle
  • The City of Seattle has started to install temporary protected bike lanes as a way to test out and build support for permanent street changes.
  • Munich is building a highway for cyclists.
  • When it comes to enforcing traffic laws, investigative journalists in Tampa found that the black bicycle riding population were at a disproportionate risk in being targeted. Something to think about and address as San Diego gets close to adopting a Vision Zero resolution.
  • A new study shows that urban sprawl reduces quality of life in cities.
  • Minneapolis has eliminated its parking minimums which will not only cut vehicle traffic congestion, but also make housing affordable – problems that San Diego is trying to address.
  • The LA Times Editorial Board lays out a vision for the City of Angels. Wonder what U-T’s vision will look like
  • The deaths of Sandra Bland in Texas and Samuel DuBose in Ohio following police stops for failing to signal a lane change and lacking a front license plate highlight the dangers of relying on law enforcement to rectify social ills, including Vision Zero (via)

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