News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • BikeSD is partnering with Dero to help San Diego businesses and neighborhoods provide better bike parking.
  • Here is a promotional video for BikeSD’s new bike rack program.
  • A proposed 10-year plan to fix San Diego’s streets was forwarded to the City Council. A 2011 survey found that only 35% of San Diego’s streets were in good condition.
  • A funeral was held for San Diego Police Department Detective Tim Williams who died from injuries in a bike accident.
  • A bicyclist was hit and injured by a pickup truck driver on Orange Avenue in the Teralta West neighborhood.
  • Journalism and Geology students at San Diego State University will be investigating and reporting on the air quality in their neighborhoods.

San Diego Region

  • Greater Washington DC examines San Diego’s rail transit system, including the trolley, the Coaster, the Sprinter, Amtrak, and Metrolink.
  • Design challenges face the Bayshore Bikeway in Barrio Logan and Chula Vista.
  • Coronado’s separated bike path provides its residents with the opportunity to have a relaxing day out riding bikes with their kids.
  • Air quality in San Diego County has never quite met Federal standards, now those standards may be getting even tougher.
  • According to San Diego Coastkeeper, all of the watersheds in San Diego County are polluted by waste water runoff.


  • The UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on Los Angeles to construct protected bike lanes along Westwood Blvd.
  • Protected bike lanes were installed along Oak Street in San Francisco.
  • Bicycle advocacy organizations are gaining momentum and political influence in Minnesota.
  • Cyclists in Seattle think their new “leaning rails” are nice, but would like more protected bike lanes and safe infrastructure.
  • Atlanta has joined the USDOT’s safe street’s initiative, a key component of which is the adoption of a Complete Streets policy.
  • Questions about bikes, cars, snow removal, and a what makes a well rounded community face the city of Saskatoon.
  • Halifax mulls over whether bikes, cars, and a protected bike lane can co-exist on University Avenue.
  • Construction has begun on London’s bicycle “superhighway.”
  • Strava Global Heat Maps allows people to view popular biking and jogging routes when they visit unfamiliar cities.