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City of San Diego

San Diego Region

  • Coronado City Council member Carrie Downey talks about bikes, speed limits, and parking.
  • The Valley Roadrunner takes a look at some of the road widening projects included in SANDAG’s Regional Transportation Improvement Plan.
  • La Mesa was awarded a $1 million grant to make King Street safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.


  • Cyclists in Seattle document the various delivery trucks, armored cars, and decorative plastic bollards that end up in their city’s bike lanes.
  • The protected bike lane on Lamar in downtown Houston has been delayed while the city waits for delivery of armadillo bollards.
  • Impressed by her pleasant riding experiences, a cyclist looks at the how Minneapolis built its network of bicycle freeways.
  • Senator Chuck Schumer talks about his frequent bike rides around Brooklyn.
  • Bicyclists in Latvia attached car-sized frames to their bikes to illustrate the amount of public space required by both modes of transportation.
  • It might be back to the drawing board in Edmonton as the city re-evaluates its bike lane implementation.
  • Residents of outer London react to the two week long Mini Holland road closure program currently underway.
  • After a young cyclist was injured in Cambridge, questions have arisen about the lack of separated bike lanes on a roundabout.
  • A crackdown at a red light in Utrecht resulted in the city ticketing 144 bicyclists, causing a huge bike traffic jam and public uproar.  The next day the city announced that the signal timing was off the would be adjusted.  View the video here.
  • Cartago, Costa Rica is implementing a new bike share system with help of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.