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City of San Diego

  • Thousands of bicyclists were out on the streets of San Diego for Bike to Work Day.
  • The Gilman Transit Center at UCSD will include new bike lanes and bike racks, construction will begin this summer.
  • San Diego is one of 12 cities working with the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy using infrared sensors and induction loops to track pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • The San Diego Bike Loop, a seven mile route demarcated mostly by sharrows and green painted symbols, has opened in the downtown area, the project reportedly cost $65,000 for paint and labor.

San Diego Region

  • A trip to London caused a La Mesa resident to think proudly of her city, the most walkable in San Diego County.
  • A bicyclists was killed by a motorist in Ramona on Warnock Drive.
  • A motorists who seriously injured a cyclist on SR 67 near Poway Road has been charged with felony reckless driving causing great bodily injury.
  • The lack of stormwater runoff due to the current drought has resulted in markedly improved water quality at nearly all San Diego County beaches.
  • San Diego County has decided to spend $75,000 to study the feasibility of building a pedestrian/bicyclist tube under the Coronado Bridge.


  • People in Orange County try to raise awareness about the number of cyclists killed by motorists.
  • After returning from Copenhagen a cyclist is surprised how dangerous it is riding a bike in Seattle.
  • A look back at the “highlights” of the past year’s conflicts between motorists and newly installed bike infrastructure in Washington D.C.
  • A common experience on a bike lane in Seattle illustrates the limits of paint and the need for protected lanes.
  • The political maneuvering around a proposed cycle track (through a parking lot) along Westlake Avenue ratchets up in Seattle.
  • After studying fatalities of bicyclists in the United States the League of American Cyclists concluded that protected bike lanes/cycle tracks are needed to make cycling safe.
  • A report from Australia about the common controversies and the positive impacts of protected bike lanes.
  • Take a video ride around Winnipeg as cyclists examine the need for protected bike lanes.
  • Business owners in Minneapolis worry that they will lose money if street parking is replaced with safe transportation options for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • In the midst of the “Vision Zero” crackdown cyclists in New York wonder why NYPD is still parking in the bike lane.
  • A look at the bike route on Polk Street in San Francisco where protected bike lanes turn into painted bike lanes, then disappear completely at some points.
  • After 7 cyclists were doored in one month on Chapel St. in Prahran, Australia, police decided to take action.
  • After being doored in London, a cyclist is told (via form letter) that although dooring someone is illegal the police will not be pursuing the matter further.