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City of San Diego

  • The president of Baja Betty’s, Gossip Grill, Urban Mo’s, and Hillcrest Brewing worries his standard of living will take the “biggest hit” if protected bike lanes are built on University Avenue.
  • Meanwhile, other people take a closer look at who is actually being hit on University Avenue.
  • The design process continues for bike paths through Mission Valley.
  • SANDAG has renovated the Sabre Springs/Penasquitos Transit Station for $12.2 million, some have dubbed it the “Taj Mahal of parking structures.”
  • Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle beat out San Diego to become part of the Green Lane Project.
  • The referendum on Barrio Logan’s community plan update is being funded by military contractors from outside San Diego and outside the United States.
  • Moving their bike shop from Massachusetts to San Diego, Retrogression is San Diego’s lone fixed-gear bike shop.
  • A discussion about the high price of gas and its effect on San Diego’s local economy.
  • The San Diego City Council has voted to form the city’s first ever Bicycle Advisory Committee.
  • An introduction to San Diego’s newly formed  Civic Innovation Lab.

San Diego Region

  • A landscaper working along Twin Peaks Road in Poway was struck by a motorist driving in the bike lane.
  • A motorist in Chula Vista was arraigned in his hospital room after he allegedly killed a cyclist; he was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated among other crimes.
  • Planning continues for the Coastal Rail Trail which will run from Oceanside to San Diego, construction may begin in 2017.
  • For the second time in two months a motorist has hit a cyclist on the 101 in Encinitas.
  • The Lemon Grove city council and planning commission looks at ways for their city to become more bicycle friendly.


  •  America’s fittest city is Portland, Oregon.
  • The Supreme Court has decided that a Wyoming bike trail built on an abandoned railroad right of way is illegal.
  • Virginia lawmakers have decided dooring a cyclist should not be made illegal.
  • In Minneapolis cyclists used homemade planters to give cyclists the experience of riding on a protected bike lane.
  • Los Angeles wonders when it will get a bike sharing system.
  • Construction has begun on a protected bike lane on Polk Street in San Francisco.
  • A Calgary City Councillor has apologized for his insulting tweets after he was unable to believe that the construction of a new cycle track increased the number of cyclists from 270 per day to 1,160 per day.
  • A reporter in Calgary investigates claims that replacing a travel lane with a cycle track will have little effect on travel time for motorists.
  • A report finds that number of trips taken by public transportation in the United States is at it its highest level since 1956.
  • California motorists who commit a hit-and-run may soon automatically lose their driver’s license.
  • A spreadsheet from People for Bikes showing the costs and benefits of different types of bike lanes.
  • A motorist rammed through barricades at South By Southwest in Austin and killed two people, prompting a discussion of motorist liability for killing people.
  • Web based international bike-sharing services are forming on the internet.
  • A look at the urban cycling experience in Copenhagen, Paris, London, and Canada.
  • A Long Island lawmaker is suffering the backlash after he told runners and cyclists that they should stay off the road  and exercise at the gym.
  • An article explaining why motorists will kill 30,000 people in the United States this year.
  • After requiring every cyclist to wear a helmet Australia is examining the safety of riding a bike with children aboard.
  • Europe is working on building a 70,000 km network of cycle paths from Galway to Moscow.