B Street bike lanes are an exhibit of the City’s passive aggressive attitude toward cyclists

Last week while riding back after a meeting, I turned onto B Street and saw empty trash and recycling bins placed in the bike lanes by the City’s Environmental Services Department.

B Street Bike Lanes – A Holding Cell for Trash and Recycling Bins

This is a perfect example of how cyclists are treated by the City, completely ignored. When I last contacted the Environmental Services Department this problem last September, I was told that my comments were forwarded to Mr. Menzore Brassfield who is the district supervisor.

Last week, I mentioned this problem to Kevin Faulconer, District 2 Council Member. He was kind enough to follow up on this issue and last night learned the following:

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So now this appears to be an enforcement issue where one City agency has to enforce the vehicle code against another agency and waste valuable time, energy and money for no good reason. Perhaps what we really need is a dramatic depiction not unlike how Casey Neistat was able to convey his message of the nuisance involved in dealing with obstacles in the bike lane.

UPDATE: Council Member Faulconer provided additional information on how to report blocked bike lanes.

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To report trash bins in bike lanes here is the phone number to call:

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