What We’ve Been Reading

San Diego Pledges $130M to Fight Climate Change

From: Court House News Service

“One of the biggest pieces of the pie — $14.5 million in new funding and $12.7 million in indirect funding — was allocated toward “supporting actions” including developing a transportation master plan, implementing community-planning studies and several safe routes to school projects and the Vision Zero plan for zero traffic-related deaths by 2025.”

What We have Been Reading: Bicycle News

We’re backpedaling here!

From: La Jolla Light

“A few bike lanes exist in La Jolla. […] But the ones in La Jolla lack the separation, and Andy pointed out that for bike lanes to be safe, they need that separation.”

Bike Lanes In Downtown San Diego Mean Fewer Parking Spaces, Car Lanes

From: KPBS

“Hanshaw said the plan actually increases the number of parking spaces in the short term, and that by the time spaces are eliminated and the new bike lanes are built he hopes fewer people will be driving.”

San Diego Council OKs Adding 9 Miles Of Bike Lanes Downtown

From: KPBS

“The San Diego City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a plan for downtown San Diego that will add nine miles of new bike lanes and more than five miles of widened sidewalks.”

Ambitious Plan Would Transform Downtown Streets

From: San Diego Union Tribune

“’It will improve mobility choices by what we call “right sizing” the streets — by using the extra capacity that exists now for cars to make way for people walking and biking,’ she said. ‘It will improve safety and get more people out of their cars and on their feet and their bicycles.’”

Uptown Bikeways Project Rides to a Milestone Moment

From: San Diego Uptown News

“‘Losing 12 to 16 parking spaces is not a lot,’ Jamason said, noting that there are 700 off-street parking spaces in that area. [….] ‘There is no safe biking route through Hillcrest. To say people’s lives are worth less than a few parking spaces is ludicrous.’”

Power Plants Are No Longer America’s Biggest Climate Problem. Transportation Is.

From: Vox

“Oil remains by far the dominant source of fuel for cars, trucks, and planes, and there’s no readily available substitute here.”

But How Many Downtown Bicycle Thefts?

From: San Diego Reader

“Part of the increase in thefts, according to Karimi, is because more people are riding bikes.”

BTA Will Change Name, Expand Mission to Walking, Transit and Political Action

From: Bike Portland

“[T]he BTA could lead a new political action committee (PAC) that could have wide-ranging impacts on elections and policy measures statewide.”

Two injured in suspected DUI hit-and-run in Solana Beach

From: CBS 8

“A 24-year-old woman who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and felony hit-and-run allegedly struck and seriously injured a man and a boy riding bicycles with family members and friends in Solana Beach, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department reported Sunday.”

What Jane Means: 4 Women Urbanists Reflect on Their Relationship to Jane Jacobs

From: Metropolis

“[T]he idea of ‘multiplicity of choice,’ which Jacobs mentions frequently, is a perception more often than a reality. People will try a different form of transportation when they can see that it works. Maybe someone sitting on a bus will notice a cyclist pedaling down a bike lane. Or a driver sees a light rail train rocket while stuck on an offramp.”

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