San Diego finally has parking protected bike lanes (on Wabaska Drive)!










The city’s first parking protected bike lane is now live and ready for action in Ocean Beach. You can ride this little stretch to your heart’s content on Wabaska Drive. See?! We can have parking and safe bike lanes on a single street. There is no need to waste everyone’s time and energy by carping on and on (and on) about parking* at the cost of safe riding. If you want to send thanks and love and hugs – all credit for this new facility goes to the very tireless Nicole Burgess!

And while the new facility may have caught at least one local driver off guard:

That driver seems to have figured out how to not park in a bike lane. Yay!

Hooray for new (safe) bikes lanes!
* Yes, parking (especially free parking) on the public right of way is a poor use of land management and not an effective way to address our goals in meeting the Climate Action Plan (among other plans and laws). But, hopefully this facility can demonstrate to our impatient friends at the Hillcrest Business Association that they should probably divert their lobbying funds to some other goals besides preventing the implementation of new bicycle facilities.