Tomorrow: SANDAG Transportation Committee to Vote on Early Action Projects

Tomorrow we have the first of two big meeting on our hands. SANDAG’s Transportation Committee will vote to approve the SANDAG’s staff Early Action Project Program along with Scenario 1 as the preferred implementation option.

Scenario 1 allows for $200 million to be used toward the Early Action Projects which include both the Uptown and the Mid-City bike corridor projects within the next decade – a good thing.

The meeting will be held at the SANDAG offices located at:
401 B Street, 7th Floor
San Diego, CA

Below is an image showing all the projects that will be funded with Scenario 1 (click for bigger version)

From the agenda

In 2011 the Board of Directors made a commitment to Active Transportation with the adoption of the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan and its Sustainable Communities Strategy, which included integration of Riding to 2050: San Diego Regional Bicycle Plan (Bike Plan) previously approved by the Board of Directors in 2010. The final action by the Board included the development of a Bike Plan Early Action Program (EAP) for the projects included in the Bike Plan. In April 2012, the Transportation Committee accepted the goals of the EAP framework and approved funding to conduct preliminary engineering work and refine construction cost estimates. These estimates have been used to prepare funding scenarios and implementation options. The Transportation Committee is asked to recommend that the Board of Directors approve the Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program with Scenario 1 as the preferred implementation option

The list of members who sit on the Transportation Committee, chaired by San Diego’s interim mayor Todd Gloria, are available at this link. No matter where you live in the county, your support is needed. Show up in person to offer a testimonial and ask the committee to vote on the approving Scenario 1 or email your elected official asking them to do the same.

Next Friday, September 27th – the full SANDAG board will vote on the Early Action Projects. So if you are unable to make it out tomorrow in person, please make it a point to show up on the 27th.