Guest post: Fixing the bike lane on Park and Meade

Fellow bicyclist and advocate Diane Yee who blogs at Citymaus sent in an email about some good work she was able to get done at Park Boulevard and Meade Avenue.

Park and Meade before the bike lane

Yee writes that the picture above is a google maps streetview image showing the poor condition of the road before the bike lane was even striped,

before the concrete in the gutter/storm drain area got so crumblingly dangerous it rendered the start of the bike lane useless.

So Yee sent in a service request to the San Diego Streets Division who promptly responded to Yee’s utter surprise and delight.

Park and Meade fixed thanks to Diane Yee.
Park and Meade fixed thanks to Diane Yee.

Her request was completed within a month and the prompt service surprised Yee who states,

I’ll try not to take this as false hope for the future of this city.

Yee who is from the Bay area and currently in San Diego attending UCSD and is,

hoping to land some planning job to assist in mission to transform SoCal into someplace livable and sustainable.

or else.. I’ll move to Portland or Finland.

Let’s hope the City of San Diego gets it act together and is able to retain and attract talent instead of driving them away to places that have made it a priority to cater to the non-motorized demographic.