Civic San Diego Needs Location Recommendations to Install Bike Racks and Corrals Downtown

Bike Corral at The Linkery. Photo: El Take it Easy.

At last Thursday’s Downtown Planning Committee meeting, Daniel Reeves, the  Associate Project Manager for Civic San Diego (formerly CCDC) announced that the organization would be using some of their parking revenue to expand their parking offerings to include bicycles.

Civic San Diego is anticipating installing 100-200 bike racks and between 3-6 bike corrals in the downtown area [see map for area that Civic San Diego covers].

If you have suggestions on where you’d like to see bike parking facilities installed, please email Daniel Reeves at [] with the subject line: Downtown Bike Rack Location Recommendations OR Downtown Bike Corral Location Recommendations

What does Civic San Diego do and how do they do it?

Civic San Diego has been granted land use authority to perform planning and permitting functions, administer the downtown San Diego parking district and implement its improvement projects, design and manage the construction of parks and fire stations through Development Impact Fees, and develop and execute economic development strategies.