Bike Lanes in San Diego – Some Updates

Below are a few updates on bike lanes that are scheduled to be striped.

Ruffin Road Bike Lanes– The Project Manager overseeing the striping of bike lanes, Gaetano Martedi responded via email stating the following:

“The bicycle and vehicular loops have been installed. Final approval and inspection of the loops by the City is ongoing. I anticipate striping to be performed in January”

When I asked the reason for the delay as the lanes were supposed to have been striped in August, he responded,

“We had added additional loops and DLC’s to the project to meet current MUTCD and City standards. Due to the added work we needed to attain additional funding for the striping.”

A Senior Engineer with the City of San Diego, Abi Palaseyed, did confirm that the Ruffin Road bike lanes would be striped and ready for use by January 2012.

Balboa Ave/Tierrasanta Blvd Bike Lane – Bike lanes are finally coming to Balboa Avenue! Below is a map showing the 13.5 miles of bike lanes that will be striped beginning in February 2012 according to City Engineer Abi Palaseyed. The City is currently awaiting a Caltrans encroachment permit.

Balboa Ave/Tierrasanta Blvd Bike Lanes will be striped in February, 2012

Jamacha Boulevard Bike Lane – After what seems like an eternity, cyclists can finally ride in comfort along Jamacha Boulevard.

Jamacha Boulevard. Photo by Philip Erdelsky

For previous coverage on Jamacha Boulevard please read this post and this one.

Skyline Drive Bike Lanes – On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the San Diego City Council unanimously approved $1.1 million for construction to improve Skyline Drive . This council action paves the way for traffic calming improvements such as sidewalk pop-outs and raised medians, as well as street lights, pedestrian and bike enhancements, and signal modifications along Skyline Drive from 58th Street to Cardiff Street. Bike lanes will be striped from Greenlawn Drive to Cardiff Street. Construction is scheduled to begin in early next year and end in the summer.