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Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner Goes on a Bike Infrastructure Discovery Ride

This past Sunday, Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner invited a group of residents to ride with him on a street that was known by regular riders to have some serious problems. When his campaign asked me for suggestions, I immediately suggested India Street – a street that has some serious problems in its design that makes riding on it both terrifying and uninviting and one that I get constant complaints about. Fortunately, thanks to a Chargers game, auto-traffic on India Street was very light and thus my initial fear of putting a mayoral candidate in grave danger, thankfully, didn’t come to pass.

The worst parts of the ride

India Street and Kettner Boulevard is a major north/south thoroughfare for San Diegan riders. Other routes east and west of these two streets don’t connect because our forefathers didn’t have the foresight to build bridges connecting the many canyons that dot our landscape. While we had visionary leaders carving out space and designing some truly outstanding freeways that crisscross the entire city of San Diego, these same visionaries paid little attention or thought to other modes of travel.

The ride began at Ivan Stewart Electric Bicycle Shop. The start of the ride began on a section of Little Italy (below Hawthorne) that has no bike infrastructure:

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Thoughts on Last Night’s Mayoral Debate Addressing San Diego’s Livability

Last night’s mayoral debate between Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner occurred at my workplace, the University of San Diego, and I was lucky to attend – even wearing a home-made BikeSD button.  I attended the VIP reception before the event and spoke with a number of people representing groups supporting walking, biking, infrastructure, and advocacy.  There was fantastic energy in the room, and Mr. DeMaio came and cajoled with advocates and activists.

I will leave commentary on the finer points of the debate to political analysts, but the biggest takeaway for me is that we all win.  I do not mean to suggest that either candidate said precisely what I wanted to hear.  There are likely thousands of San Diegans unhappy with either choice.  But we all win in that this debate focused on issues many of hold at the center of our efforts to bring San Diego to where it needs to be in terms of quality of life – symbolized best by walkability and the facilitation of bicycle riders.  Both candidates discussed Complete Streets, improved infrastructure, and a commitment to making San Diego safer and more facilitative for bicycle riders.

Ed. note: Below is a video on how the City of Memphis is implementing the Complete Streets Policy. I posted this to inform our readers exactly what “Complete Streets” is and what it means for our future.

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Last Night’s Mayoral Debate on Biking, Walking and Transit

Last night, the two mayoral candidates met to debate on livability issues that revolve around transportation: walking, biking and transit.

I was happy to hear Congressman Filner discussing his idea of bringing Ciclovia to San Diego and raising the issue of how important bike infrastructure is in order to provide a safe space for people to bike. Councilmember DeMaio brought the point about how he intends to tie biking to his Streets Plan.

Below is a video from NBC San Diego on where the candidates stand on the importance of bike infrastructure.

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Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner Wants to Ride with You on 9/23 at 1pm

Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner on Bike to Work Day. Photo from Bob Filner’s Campaign Office.

Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner would like to do a bike tour on September 23rd at 1pm and learn more about the areas of concern or hot spots and learn more about how biking can be made better in San Diego. When his campaign reached out to me to ask for suggestions, I suggested two locations based on many emails and conversations I’ve had with riders over the last three years:
1: India Street or Kettner Street at the I-5 tunnel, or
2: Fairmount Ave

His campaign provided the following details:

We have one hour (1-2pm), anticipating picking up a bicycle at Ivan Stewarts (2021 India Street) to have Bob ride with others to location 1, time permitting we’ll visit location 2