San Diego finally has parking protected bike lanes (on Wabaska Drive)!

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The city’s first parking protected bike lane is now live and ready for action in Ocean Beach. You can ride this little stretch to your heart’s content on Wabaska Drive. See?! We can have parking and safe bike lanes on a single street. There is no need to waste everyone’s time and energy by carping on and on (and on) about parking* at the cost of safe riding. If you want to send thanks and love and hugs – all credit for this new facility goes to the very tireless Nicole Burgess!

And while the new facility may have caught at least one local driver off guard:

That driver seems to have figured out how to not park in a bike lane. Yay!

Hooray for new (safe) bikes lanes!
* Yes, parking (especially free parking) on the public right of way is a poor use of land management and not an effective way to address our goals in meeting the Climate Action Plan (among other plans and laws). But, hopefully this facility can demonstrate to our impatient friends at the Hillcrest Business Association that they should probably divert their lobbying funds to some other goals besides preventing the implementation of new bicycle facilities.

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  • Tom Webb

    This is crazy. What nobody gets out of a car on the passenger side? How do you make a left turn? Has anybody seen the new bike lane in Del Mar? There are parked cars on the right a buffer, then a bike lane, another buffer and then the car lane.

  • Tricia Kovacs

    Help me a bit here. This is an 800′ road that used to have 2 travel lanes in each direction (and still room for both side on-street parking) and it was unsafe for cyclists how?

  • ShatteredGlass00

    If you’re in the bike lane and you want to take the left fork just past the parked car… how does that work?

  • John James Monroe II

    I understand this used to be a 4 lane road? Why take 2 lanes away? When the bike lane is blocked you will have cyclists in the other lane. If cyclists had just used the right hand lane in the earlier configuration at least there was another lane for motorists to use.

  • It’s a start.

    • Timothy53

      So is thirty lawyers at the bottom of the ocean.

      What an irritating comment.

      Unless of course you are joking.

    • John Eldon

      … of what ? A dysfunctional, dystopian “solution” to a problem?

  • ShatteredGlass00

    Good thing only inexperienced riders will be lured into this trap.

  • ShatteredGlass00

    Facilities like this not only endanger cyclists (especially inexperienced ones who don’t understand common bike-car crash causes much less how to avoid them), but they reinforce the motorist-centric philosophy about roadways being primarily for motor vehicles.

    Cars: 1 Bikes: -10


  • marcc100

    So a cyclist that wants to go left from the bike lane has to cross in front of traffic that is moving at 35 mph. probably more since there is no speed limit strictly enforced sign under the posted 35 sign. It actually might be safer to play russian roulette than go left from that bike lane.

  • A significant change indicating some official support for more bicycling. However, this is NOT a Bike Lane. CVC 21208 and Bike Lane use requirements do not actually apply; if you don’t want to use it you don’t have to. Beware however that some harassment from clueless motorists or confused police may occur.

  • And, even if this was a Bike Lane, it is not illegal to park a vehicle in a BL unless the BL is posted with no parking signs. Sad but true.

  • Esther TrafficSafety

    How long is this section? One picture shows angled parking spaces, and another picture shows parallel parking. The handicapped parking space is not van-compatible. The angled spaces are a bit better for the bike symbol area, because doors do not open into that travel path, and pedestrians exiting a vehicle to get to the sidewalk have a better sightline. Is the onstreet parking needed for businesses or residences? If there are unsignaled driveways or streets that cross this section, motorists leaving those driveways or streets will block this bike symbol area in order to look for traffic before making safe movements.

  • Goodgulf

    This isn’t a “bike lane” (Technically a Class II bikeway in CA) it’s an optional use sidepath (Class IV in CA). Meaning it’s optional use. As an aside, it’s a really terrible design. Who came up with this?

  • Biking in a skirt

    At least the angled parking is safer for too-close cyclists than parallel parking.

    However, the safest solution would have been lane-centered sharrows in the slow lane to get bicyclists away from the door zone and gutter hazards altogether. That would have preserved visibility and turning access too, for both bicyclists and motorists.

    As with most separated bikeways, this screens bicyclists and motorists from each other until the moment of impact at intersections and driveways. It manufactures turning hazards.