Aidrea Sparks

Aidrea Sparks is passionate about craft beer, organic food, local business, brushing and flossing, music, dance and bike life.  She loves long walks in the city, camping, and travel.  Dre has lived in Hillcrest for 12 years and has been a proud non-automobile owner for almost 10 years.  Her legs get her everywhere she needs to go, whether it be by foot or bicycle.  She has commuted to work via these two modes of transportation since she moved to Uptown and would not have it any other way, at least not until she moves back to the woods where she came from when she is old and grey and sick of the city.  That might never happen.  She loves having so much variation and vibrant amazing opportunities available close by.  Dre completed her undergraduate studies at UCSD and is looking forward to graduate studies in urban planning and sustainable development within the next couple years and is also very excited about working with BikeSD and the community to build a better San Diego for all modes of transportation and styles of living.