The newly-formed Right Side Club is trying to get the City of San Diego to add a 2-way bike lane when it repaves 30th Street. If the community supports adding the bike lanes, we stand a chance of convincing the city to do it when they re-stripe 30th Street. To do this, Right Side Club needs your support and you can sign the petition below.

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aerial view of 30th St, San Diego

Right Side Club starts a petition to get bike lanes added to 30th Street

San Diego’s current Bike Master Plan creates an impossible north-south bike lane on 28th Street in North Park and South Park where a canyon and golf course make a bike lane here either impossible or expensive.  Matt Stucky, founder of Right Side Club, says the City should study whether it’s feasible to add a bike lane on 30th Street…

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B Street

B Street bike lanes are an exhibit of the City’s passive aggressive attitude toward cyclists

Last week while riding back after a meeting, I turned onto B Street and saw empty trash and recycling bins placed in the bike lanes by the City's Environmental Services Department. B Street Bike Lanes - A Holding Cell for Trash and Recycling Bins This is a perfect example of how cyclists are treated by the City, completely ignored. When I last…

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