Your Input Needed: Bike Share Station Locations

Launching early next year, San Diego’s bike share program now has a website and DecoBike is seeking your input on where the potential bike share stations will be installed.

Since our Council President, Todd Gloria, has apparently been crowned the bicycling advocacy maestro at City Council, below is the press release from his office:

WANTED: Public Input on Bikesharing

City Announces Launch of DecoBike San Diego Website


SAN DIEGO, CA (August 16, 2013) – The City of San Diego, in a partnership with DecoBike, is proud to announce the launch of the DecoBike San Diego website at, which will, for the next 60 days, will be accepting input on potential bikesharing station locations.


On July 9, by a vote of 7-0, the City Council approved a corporate partnership agreement with DecoBike, LLC for the funding, implementation, management, and operation of a self-service bike sharing system for a 10 year term.  A significant aspect of the Bikesharing Implementation Plan is the placement of a network of bike stations.  Those locations will be decided based on certain logistical criteria, as well as on public input.


“Bikesharing will be a tremendous benefit for the City of San Diego, the San Diegans can help ensure its success by proving input on what they want to see in the system during the next 60 days,” said Council President Todd Gloria.


The City is working diligently to involve residents, businesses, and community groups who have an interest in bikesharing.  In addition to the website, the City will be sending emails to community groups, conducting site visits, and participating in community meetings.  The program is expected to launch in early 2014, and will generate great benefit to the community and will be implemented citywide.

  • Number of bikes: 1,800 – 2,200
  • Number of stations: 180 – 220
  • Number of bike docks: 3,240 – 3,960


Bikesharing has been successfully implemented in several other major U.S. cities, including Denver and Washington D.C.  The concept of bikesharing is to provide affordable access to bicycles for short-distance trips as an alternative to motorized public transportation or private vehicles, thereby reducing traffic congestion, noise, and air pollution.  Bikesharing has also been cited as a way to solve the “last mile” problem and connect users to public transit networks.

For more information on DecoBike, please see  If you have any questions about the DecoBike San Diego program, send an email to: