Uptown Business Owner, Uptown Planning Board Member: Extremely Important for Uptown to be Accessible to Bicycle Riders

Tonight, please attend the Uptown Bike Corridor meeting to speak up in support for cycle tracks/protected bike lanes on University Avenue, Fourth and Fifth Avenues.

Details are below:

February 6, 2014
6 – 8:30 p.m.
Roosevelt Middle School Library
3366 Park Blvd
San Diego, 92103

Jake’s on 6th Wine Bar. Photo via Facebook.

Jennifer Totah who owns Jake’s on 6th Wine Bar is a strong supporter of our advocacy in Uptown. Jake’s on 6th Wine Bar is located on 6th Avenue in the heart of Hillcrest. Totah was one of the business owners who completed our survey so that we could understand what San Diego’s business owners were concerned with and how we could best garner the business community’s support in implementing our mission to advocate for world-class bike infrastructure in the city.

Totah stated she was “absolutely” willing to “replace [vehicle] curbside parking in front of [her]  business for vehicle parking access 1-3 blocks away” . She added that it was “extremely important to be considered a bicycle friendly business”.

After tonight’s meeting, lets patronize Jake’s in Uptown to show our support for a business that is demonstrating their willingness to be a leader in the Uptown business community.

Jennifer Totah sent in an email reiterating her business’ support for bike infrastructure in Uptown.

Jake’s on 6th Wine Bar supports expansion of bicycle infrastructure as a critical economic development strategy for our business and Hillcrest. The investments other cities in California and the San Diego region communities that have invested in this infrastructure have seen incredible benefits. Businesses have increased retail sales, enhanced the attractiveness of their neighborhoods, and become destinations for the young professional. That is the key to our future.

This plan is a down payment on the future economic development of our region. Jake’s is committed to enhancing the quality of life and economic prosperity of Hillcrest and now is the time to embrace this vision.

Christopher Ward, Uptown Planners board member. Photo via twitter.

Uptown Planners aren’t all opposed to implementing world-class bicycle facilities in Uptown. Christopher Ward, who sits on the Uptown Planners board was also strong in his support for increasing transportation options. In an email he stated,

Uptown is an urban neighborhood with the opportunity to maintain its status as one of America’s best neighborhoods if we can evolve to meet the transportation interests of residents and visitors alike. Or in going through our community plan update, we can ignore that opportunity. People of all age groups want to choose safe and efficient bicycle, pedestrian, and multi-modal opportunities to get to downtown, North Park, travel within Uptown or access the regional bike network. Study after study shows that improving bikabilty and walkability improves interest in, and sales at, small businesses along our main streets. As an Uptown Planners board member, I support efforts to make bicycling safe and comfortable for all users.