Today: Community Workshop for the Downtown Mobility Plan

The third Community Workshop for the Downtown Mobility Plan is scheduled to be held this evening at the Downtown Central Library:

6pm – 8pm

San Diego Central Library
Neil Morgan Auditorium
330 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
(RSVP here)

Next City’s Josh Cohen wrote a piece covering what the Downtown Mobility Plan does and doesn’t do.

Long time BikeSD supporters will know that I’m usually not easily impressed with the half measures usually put out in this city. But I am impressed with the Draft Downtown Mobility Plan.

For one, as Cohen writes,

Perhaps a sign of how urban planning has evolved, the mobility plan specifically calls out the importance of creating a connected network: “Implementing the network as a whole, rather than individual segments, will improve the effectiveness of the cycleways and establish a well-connected grid of north south and east west protected bicycle facilities that can improve the safety and comfort for cyclists in Downtown.”

Additionally, the plan also,

promotes evaluation of removing the Cedar Street off-ramp, and switching Cedar Street from one-way to two-way traffic to improve pedestrian safety and re-establish the historic connection between Balboa Park, Cortez, Little Italy, and the waterfront.

Converting city streets from dumping grounds for high speed  vehicles exiting off the freeway into a calm, civilized city streets that connects San Diego’s beautiful neighborhoods? Now that’s exciting.

Yet the plan could do more. It could ensure that downtown’s main streets: Broadway and Market Streets, are made truly multi-modal and incorporate facilities that promote, highlight and encourage bicycling. While the discussion around parking is sure to again dominate the discussion around a mobility plan that facilitates walking and bicycling, I hope that it doesn’t detract city officials from committing to adopt and implement a plan that showcases what San Diego is capable of.


See you tonight!