SANDAG to work on connecting Rose Canyon Bike Path to Rose Creek Bike Path

This Wednesday I will be meeting with Chris Carterette who works at SANDAG in managing their Coastal Rail Trail project.The Coastal Rail Trail project is a proposed bike path (Class I) that will eventually connect downtown San Diego to the City of Del Mar.

Part of that long bike path includes a section that is missing right now between the Rose Creek Bike Path and the Rose Canyon Bike Path. We’re looking for your input and your thoughts on improving the heavily used Santa Fe Street corridor. The Regional Bike Plan has a plan to connect the Rose Creek Bike Path with the Rose Canyon Bike Path. Considering the poor slurry seal job done on Santa Fe recently, and the fact that this cul-de-sac has a bit of truck traffic that cyclists have to contend with, a new and separated facility will certainly be a welcome addition to this busy bicycling corridor. The existing bike paths are marked in red and the proposed connection (in blue) could look like it does in the map below.

View Rose Canyon/Mission Bay Drive Connection in a larger map

In our vision map*, you left the following feedback with regards to this section:

On Rose Canyon Trail south end:
Two ideas here. There are probably many more:

– Real bike lanes on Santa Fe (separate from parking)
– Improve connection to Mission Bay bike facilities, such as continuing the trail under Mission Bay Dr

On the Rose Creek Bike Path

entrance/exit to this is very steep and dangerous, requires sharp dangerous turn…. a tunnel can be built here.

On adding lights to Rose Creek Trail which ends at Damon Street/Mission Bay Drive:

This trail should have lights to make it safer when it is dark out.

Earlier this month, the crew who organized the Fix It Ride along this corridor sent in the following feedback which mainly revolved around maintenance issues, something the City of San Diego really needs to be more thorough on:

1. We trimmed the overhanging brush all along the north Rose Canyon bike path. There is one section that could use a trim but the type of plant was too much for our small hand tools. We need some gas powered hedge trimmers which none of us have…

2. More importantly, we trimmed all the branches growing out into the Gilman Drive bike lane (blind curve, 50 mph). That will definitely be appreciated by all the cyclists that use it. We got tons of thank you’s from the hundred or so cyclists that passed us while we worked. Unfortunately none of them stopped to help… Maybe next time.
3. We all agreed that Santa Fe could really use some share the road signs (plus sharrows) right before the bridge. That is the worst spot on the road. It really should have a lower speed limit too. 40 mph is unnecessary on a small dead end road. Especially when you factor in that it is a heavily used bike corridor. How could we go about getting the city to change these things?

4. Santa Fe from Damon to Rose Canyon Bike Path is 40 mph. That is the section that cyclists use. The section from Damon to Balboa is 25 mph

5. Current Share the Road signage – There is one share the road sign located 50 ft from the dead end. The sign has graffitti on it so you can’t read share the road. Not that any drivers actually see it anyway considering its placement…

Knowing that a bike path is being planned – how would you like to see it being built? A maintenance agreement and good lighting should be the bare minimum along with protective railings. Good quality transportation infrastructure should be inviting and well built. Please leave a comment here so they can be forwarded to the appropriate decision makers.

* the Vision Map has been closed to further input to prevent spammers. Please email with additional suggestions.

This was written by Sam Ollinger