San Diego Airport: Now more bike friendly

Back in March this year, we visited the Portland Airport website and noticed that the website had an entire section on bicycling. When we visited our own airport’s website we, sadly, noticed no such similar resource.

We immediately contacted the webmaster at the San Diego airport to recommend updating their website to highlight the fact that our airport is, in fact, very accessible by bicycle. There was a lot of back and forth emailing with no possible resolution in sight until the Deputy Director of Public Relations for the San Diego International Airport, Steven Shultz, stepped into the picture.

Earlier this afternoon, Shultz contacted us to let us know that the San Diego International Airport now has an entire section on bicycling highlighting our beautiful multi-use path along the San Diego Bay.

San Diego Airport – Now more Bike Friendly

This is an excellent step that demonstrates our efforts in transforming our city into one that will one day be a world-class bicycling city.