North Park Planning Sub-Committee Unanimously Votes to Approve City’s First Parklet and Two New Bike Corrals

If you missed the news on our twitter feed or our facebook page, on Monday night the North Park Planning Sub-Committee voted unanimously to approve installation of the City’s first parklet and two new bike corrals.

According to our traveling reporter, Hans Wangbichler, some members of  the sub-committee expressed some hesitation over the new corrals. They expressed reservation about addressing clearances from driveways for scheduled redevelopment. One person expressed concern about losing one car parking space in exchange for obtaining eight or more bicycle parking spaces.

According to Omar Passons who sits on the North Park Planning Committee, the vote will likely go on the consent agenda for approval by the entire Committee at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting and the item likely to sail through.

We’ll post details when we get a hold of the agenda which hasn’t been posted yet.