Next Friday (July 5th): A Talk About Tactical Urbanism with Mike Lydon

Thanks to local Placeshaker Howard Blackson, San Diego will have the opportunity to meet Mike Lydon. Lydon is the Principal of the Streets Plan Collaborative and currently busying himself with injecting some long overdue energy into the conversation about what constitutes robust, lively and livable cities.

Tactical Urbanism. What is it and why should get excited about it and get involved? Show up next Friday. Flier: Howard Blackson

What is “tactical urbanism” and why should you care? Sometimes a little temporary demonstration project can serve as a catalyst for starting a conversation about what constitutes a thriving and a truly livable city. One example that you witnessed happened last year when San Diegans, led by Blackson, parked themselves outside Sea Rocket Bistro to create a tiny (and temporary) parklet.

A makeshift Parklet created on Park(ing) Day in front of Sea Rocket Bistro. Photo: Dennis Stein, co-owner of Sea Rocket Bistro.

And earlier this year, the local community group in North Park approved the installation of the city’s first parklet.

Tactical Urbanism is a quick way of showcasing an idea and building support. Jason Roberts in Dallas, Texas gave an inspiring talk on just this subject and it should serve as an excellent primer on the conversation that we will have next week.

See you next Friday at 6 pm at 3rd Space located at 4610 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116.