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row If only the SDPD and the city of San Diego would embrace this message.

San Diego

  • Bikes & Beer is back, and the organizers have generously offered to support our work again this year. Bicycle fun in the country’s craft beer capital? It’s an experience you can’t have anywhere else! Get your tickets today before the event gets sold out.
  • Are you a property manager or a developer who loves what we do and wants to support us? Do you also happen to deal with parking headaches that grow like the Lernaean Hydra? Well then you should definitely consider expanding your bike parking options.
  • San Diego Magazine has 27 reasons to love San Diego. #2 is DecoBike Share: “Finally, the bikes are coming“. Meanwhile in Hillcrest, opposition grows against closing University Avenue at Washington St. University Avenue is the deadliest corridor in the city of San Diego, according to CirculateSD
  • Later today, the BikeSD Mid-City meeting and the Uptown meeting will begin at 7PM. Come on out and meet your fellow BikeSD supporters and plot out a strategy to make bicycling safe on University Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard.
  • Want to save $12,000 or more in San Diego? Drive less.
  • Howard Blackson, local placeshaker and a true (if rare) San Diego gem, reflects on his role in making great places.
  • The San Diego Yimby (Yes, in my backyard) wants to make North Park an innovation zone. Road diets figure prominently into this vision.
  • In Ocean Beach, a parking lot has been converted to a park.
  • If you live in Ocean Beach, there are eight (8) seats up for election on the Ocean Beach Planning Board. If you’ve attended a meeting between last March and January, you may be eligible to run for a seat.
  • SDSU issued parking tips to its students, including a suggestion to ride a bike to class.
  • We have a new switchboard for you to make offers or ask things from the BikeSD community. To have longer discussions on all things related to riding in San Diego, visit the local commuter forums.
  • A new mountain biking trail is open in Black Mountain thanks to the San Diego Mountain Biking Association.

San Diego County

  • One day, Palm Avenue may get bike lanes.
  • A new program will make it easier for ex-offenders to use refurbished bikes to get to work and other reentry programs.


  • DOT head challenges mayors on bicycle, walking safety
  • In New York City, the Public Transit Union wants a license to kill
  • Des Moines is planning a bike-friendly development
  • London proposes an “underline”, a proposal to use the city’s “dead and dark subway tunnels” to convert them “into a network of pedestrian and cycle paths with cultural and retail spaces” Former NYC Transportation Commissioner responds perfectly, “Too many cyclists are already six feet under. A London plan to trap them all underground won’t create safer streets.”
  • Georgia seems poised to double-down on its dysfunctional transportation policies
  • What makes a city family friendly?
  • Boris Johnson commits to a protected “Cycle Superhighway” Crossing London
  • Washington State Republicans want to put “Seattle’s Highway-Borer Out of Its Misery”
  • Wyoming wants to make it mandatory for bicycle riders to wear orange vests.
  •  How Smart Language Helped End Seattle’s Paralyzing Bikelash