News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • Despite a preference for walkable neighborhoods and mass transit, millenials still have to drive more often than not in San Diego.
  • Todd Gloria has called on SANDAG to use $46 million earmarked for future projects to rebuild San Diego’s infrastructure (subscription required).
  • Three charts show the troubling financial state of San Diego’s infrastructure funding.
  • San Diego City Council members are largely on the same page regarding their budget priorities for the next fiscal year.
  • San Diego’s infrastructure shortfall may be even bigger than previously thought when taking into consideration Balboa Park, Stadiums, Convention Centers, and maintenance costs.
  • San Diegans for Open Government lost their lawsuit against the city’s $120 million bond issue, but plan to appeal the decision.
  • A San Diego motorcyclist tried out car2go and found it to be a solid, fun option.
  • DecoBike is “burning the midnight oil” to connect stations and deploy bikes in San Diego as the first 20 stations opened for business on Friday.
  • A bike corral has been approved for installation in front of Modern Times Brewery.
  • Eddie Lopez of North Park Bikes was interviewed by NBC San Diego 7.
  • A pedestrian crossing University Avenue was killed by a motorist in City Heights.
  • A driver hit and injured two boys walking on the sidewalk in the Skyline area on Friday, no charges have been filed.
  • A pedestrian was injured by a motorist in Valencia Park on Saturday afternoon.

San Diego Region

  • After two years of discussion the Bayshore Bikeway may soon have a class I protected bike lane through National City.
  • Art Jones, a blind cyclist from National City, is looking to raise money to buy a new tandem racing bike.
  • The Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA) has launched a cycling social club to help members network and socialize.
  • Vista has approved plans to create a network of safe connected bikeways along the city’s major thoroughfares.
  • A pedestrian was hit and killed by a motorist in Escondido; police are still investigating.
  • The Encinitas City Council has approved lowering the speed limit on Saxony Road to 25 miles per hour in order to make the road safer for pedestrians.
  • Low-floor trolleys are now running on the MTS Blue Line which runs from the Mexico border to downtown San Diego.
  • A public workshop was held in Carlsbad to get input about improving the I-5 and Route 78 interchange.


  • Closure of the 101 freeway in Los Angeles for “swarm maintenance” has a writer thinking of whether the freeway needs to be reopened at all.
  • San Francisco is considering building a parking protected cycletrack on 13th Street.
  • A University of Delaware graduate student has used video to document the need for a cycletrack on Delaware Avenue.
  • New York is looking to expand Citi Bike into the Upper West Side.
  • Columbus, Ohio will soon be getting its first protected bike lane thanks in part to the work of local bike advocates.
  • Construction of the first of a new generation of protected bike facilities in Minneapolis is scheduled to begin later this year.
  • As safer bike infrastructure design gets off the ground in the United States rifts emerge between “completionists” and “incrementalists.”
  • Construction of another “cycle superhighway” has been approved in London.
  • The Guardian examines the history and current state of cycling infrastructure in Seville, Spain where there are now 75 miles of segregated bike lanes.