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City of San Diego

  • An environmental study of proposed housing developments in Grantville has some neighborhood residents worried about “unacceptable” 1 minute 20 second delays during morning and evening rush hours that could arise in 2030.
  • San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer gave his “State of the City” speech, successfully dodging contentious issues and any controversial statements.
  • The City of San Diego has been sued for ADA violations because of the poor condition of sidewalks along El Cajon Blvd.
  • The City of San Diego’s lease-leaseback financing scheme to borrow money for infrastructure funding is still working its way through the courts.
  • The Voice of San Diego calls for a big emphasis this year on street repairs and safe sidewalks.
  • The San Diego Uptown News presents more details about the upcoming DecoBike bike share.
  • Over the years San Diego parking districts have stockpiled over 18 million dollars, Todd Gloria would like them to start spending some of it.

San Diego Region

  • Carlsbad has announced the launch of its “Walk + Bike Carlsbad” campaign to make the city safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • The City of Del Mar was presented with an 85 page draft document analyzing the city’s parking problems and calling for the creation 140 additional parking spaces.


  • San Clemente is considering building a protected bikeway along El Camino Real that “will set the standard for Orange County and points north.”
  • An attorney answers the question of whether pedestrians always have the right-of-way in California.
  • The Baltimore Bike Master Plan calls for the city to get “serious” if it is ever going to become a bike-friendly city.
  • The Broadway cycletrack in Seattle is still experiencing blockages and problems with artistic bollards.
  • With fatalities on the rise in New York City, advocates ask whether the new mayor is focusing enough on bike safety.
  • Vice-President Joe Biden stressed the importance of building modern infrastructure in the United States.
  • Engineers in the United States are entering a new age of creativity as they are being asked to design something completely new to them — safe bicycle infrastructure.
  • Food bikes are are becoming a viable mobile business model across the United States.
  • Suburbs in the Netherlands show how protected bike lanes can be integrated in to auto-centric landscapes.