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City of San Diego

  • Our mayor’s race is still too close to call and that is why, every single one of you should vote for David Alvarez as our next mayor. California Bicycle Coalition did a great writeup about the differences between Alvarez and his opponent. Undecided? Vote for David Alvarez for mayor. Join the GOTV rally by bike tomorrow as well.
  • Why do Community Plan Updates matter and why should you take part in it? Our new board member, Omar Passons, has a great writeup about it.
  • The City of San Diego sent in its application to be considered as a city in the Green Lane Project. Please pick us, GLP!

San Diego and California News

  • The Encinitas segment of the Coastal Rail Trail is planned as a Class I bike path, separated from motor vehicle traffic has entered the design phase. Next: construction.
  • How many times will people write about the Coronado loop as a destination loop to ride along? Until the time we get a new bike facility. Let’s hope that happens in this decade. The Coronado look is worth riding on and is gorgeous. But we’ve been in a bicycle facility construction drought for a while now.
  • Community members who don’t feel part of the bike racing community have asked to be included in the community outreach process for all the various bike racing events that go through Rancho Santa Fe.
  • This is old news, but Escondido may soon get a BMX bicycle track. Will the City of San Diego ever get a bike park? Eventually.
  • Michael Andersen takes a look at the blistering report issued by the agency that oversees Caltrans. In news that should surprise none of you, the recommendation is that Caltrans needs a long overdue overhaul.