News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • CicloSDias is coming this Sunday, don’t miss it.
  • A cyclist was hit by a motorist on 5th Avenue in Bankers Hill early this morning.
  • Spotlight on EcoDistricts and parklets in San Diego neighborhoods.
  • How does San Diego’s transit system compare nationally? Here are some charts.
  • A short conversation with San Diego Planning Director, Bill Fulton.
  • Opinions in the Uptown News highlighting the neighborhood infrastructure process and the problems with SANDAG’s bus rapid transit plans.
  • In exchange for widening SR 94, SANDAG has held meetings to discuss “secondary improvements” for affected communities.
  • Qualcomm is working on a device to help motorists avoid pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Bikes were the subject of some discussion in the UT letters to the editor section.

San Diego Region

  • An NCTD bus ran over three cyclists, killing one, on Sunday in Camp Pendleton.
  • SANDAG is working on a new regional comprehensive plan that will for the first time give weight to bike and pedestrian projects.
  • Based on its fare box recovery ratio SANDAG claims the blue line is one of the best light rail lines in the country, but there is more to a good transit system than fare box recovery.
  • CEO of Connect, Duane Roth, has died as a result of injuries sustained from a bike crash.
  • The last dirt road in Chula Vista may become a decomposed granite trail.


  • A Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority bike cage in Boston gets a cardboard cop to watch over it (video).
  • The Federal Highway Administration is considering taking cycle tracks seriously.
  • An article with pictures showing the bicycle infrastructure in Vancouver.
  • In Australia the government has agreed that, where practical, all future urban road projects must include a safe separated cycle way.
  • Portugal has passed new laws protecting cyclists.
  • The Los Angeles Department of Transportation can monitor and control every traffic signal remotely.
  • After using New York’s Citi Bike, one author thinks bike share systems could revolutionize city life.
  • A road diet success story from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.
  • It turns out, cyclists really like protected bike lanes.
  • In San Francisco a cyclist points out that compromise and half-measures do not make good transportation policy or safe streets.
  • The city of New Haven is taking steps to educate motorists about dooring (video).
  • A cyclist in Chicago examines what generates more foot traffic, free street parking or the city’s bike share.
  • An update on CEQA reform proposals.
  • A feud has broken out between “shock jocks” and the Melbourne Australia City Council regarding traffic and bike lanes.