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City of San Diego

  • The City Council unanimously approved a bike share program, scheduled to open in 2014, more details here.
  • A 14 year-old bicyclist was hit by a car in Loma Portal.
  • SANDAG presented a plan to connect the airport and the trolley, but not with a trolley stop at the airport, instead the plan is to build a pedestrian bridge over Pacific Highway and then provide shuttle buses to the airport.
  • A letter to the editor in the Uptown News (second letter on page) points out the problems with the implementation of the Rapid Bus Project along Park Boulevard.
  • The Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee would like to see a “super deck” constructed over State Route 94.
  • In order to get more people to attend their events the University Heights Community Development Corporation recommends walking, biking, or taking public transportation to their Friday night Trolley Barn Park concerts.
  • A report from the public meeting discussing proposed improvements to the Rose Creek bike path.
  • The Ocean Beach Planning Board has approved the draft of their new community plan.
  • San Diego faces at least a $898 million infrastructure backlog.
  • Karl Strauss will be opening a cyclist friendly tasting room at their main brewery on Santa Fe Street.

San Diego Region


  • A UCLA/San Diego State study finds that 12th graders are increasingly willing to use bicycles and public transportation instead of cars.
  • A cyclist is in critical condition after a motorist in Monrovia did donuts around him and crashed into him.
  • Arkansas authorities are not sure whether they will press charges against a motorist who killed one cyclist and injured six others.
  • Cyclist confront the Illinois Department of Transportation about the department’s refusal to allow construction of protected bike lanes.
  • An article points out the connection between bad infrastructure design and cyclists rolling through stop signs and going the wrong way on one way streets.
  • Despite all the bike infrastructure improvements in New York, crosstown routes still remain a problem.
  • Memphis is working towards building a network of cycle tracks across the city.
  • Toronto police may start tracking when cyclists are doored.
  • Calgary’s first cycle track is now open.
  • The recent BART strike in San Francisco caused some commuters to start biking to work.
  • New York’s bike share program has turned out to be an instant success, which has given New Yorkers one more thing to worry about.
  • A guide to Portland’s bike boxes, designed to protect cyclists from right turns at intersections.
  • The pope jokes that priests will have to travel by bicycle instead of expensive cars.