News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • A green buffered bike lane was installed on part of Montezuma Road and received coverage from KPBS, San Diego Free Press, CBS 8, NBC 7, Fox 5, ABC 10, and CW 6.
  • Students at Hoover High in City Heights are working with KTU+A on the City Heights Urban Greening project.
  • As Talmadge tries to become more walkable, cut-through commuter traffic presents a problem.

San Diego Region

  • Growth continues in Encinitas and residents are concerned about increased density and traffic.
  • The Carlsbad City Council approved an additional $749,000 for a portion of the Coastal Rail Trail.
  • A section of the Coastal Rail Trail in Oceanside should be completed by the end of this summer.
  • Poway is testing the use of sensors to indicate when drivers run red lights.
  • The draft environmental document is available for the Inland Rail Trail – a 21 mile bike path connecting Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido.


  • After two bike accidents on the same day, Tampa Bay is investigating how to make the bike path on the Memorial Causeway Bridge safer.
  • Studies find that mandatory helmet laws can be a distraction to the importance of infrastructure and public education in creating a safer cycling environment.
  • A look at the various types of bike infrastructure and solutions for intersections and construction zones in Copenhagen.
  • In Salt Lake City the mayor has proposed spending $1.2 million to create a cycle track network downtown.
  • Despite all the whining and angst, New York City’s bike share successfully opened this week.
  • Researchers find that people are more likely to commute to work by bike if they have a spouse or co-worker who does the same.
  • San Francisco will allow bikes on BART at all hours for a 5 month trial period starting in July.
  • Bolts were incorrectly installed on the new Bay Bridge bike path, however there are other options if you want to ride your bike on a bridge in the bay area.