News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • The Genesee Interchange Project is scheduled to begin construction this fall – expected to be completed in 2016.  The project includes a 3 mile bike path from Roselle Street to Voigt Drive.
  • Bike to Work Day raised awareness of the need for safe bike infrastructure both on urban streets and along dedicated bike paths as well as a discussion of potholes, helmets, and collisions.
  • The Voice of San Diego Morning Report highlights the controversy surrounding New York City’s bike share program, San Diego’s poor “bike score,” and the need for bicyclists to follow traffic laws.
  • The City Council has approved the San Diego River Park Master Plan.
  • Pointing out unsafe road conditions and the high number of pedestrians and bicyclists injured by motor vehicles, young people are asking for no-cost bus passes.
  • In order to revitalize the “undeniable” blight along C Street downtown, boosters have proposed sprucing up the area with large digital advertising signs – how about a car free east-west bike path instead?
  • In City Heights:  planning + workshops + surveys + no  implementation = planning fatigue.
  • The search continues for Ralph Peeks, a bicyclist last seen riding his mountain bike on Camino Ruiz.
  • Sunday night on KPRI 102.1 FM Mayor Bob Filner played John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High to “bring that John Denver sense back . . . in terms of a walkable, bikable San Diego.”

San Diego Region

  • In an email to the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Commission, Caltrans has indicated that it plans to install concrete barriers along the Route 56 bike path.
  • After the Tour of California, Escondido is evaluating the impact the event had on the city.
  • Temecula has hired a consultant to update the city’s plan for bike paths and trails.
  • Inspired by livable streets projects in North County, a UT editor hopes South County will follow suit.
  • An overview of some cycling events, issues, and resources from the San Diego Free Press.


  • A study by the Harvard School of Public Health calls for an overhaul of bicycle engineering guidelines and endorses cycle tracks and other design options besides painted lanes.  The study also calls into question the bias of AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials).
  • Boston plans to build more bike lanes, rental kiosks, and may build cycle tracks on major roads.
  • A street-level report on the state of Washington DC’s cycle tracks.
  • A look at the rise of two-wheeled entrepreneurs around the nation.
  • After using Twitter to boast about hitting a cyclist with her car, police tracked down the driver, Emma Way.  An investigation is underway, but she has not been arrested yet.  The incident has prompted a wider discussion about the relationship between cyclists and motorists.
  • Toronto’s infamous anti-bike mayor, Rob Ford, was caught on video smoking crack.
  • Vehicle miles driven are on the decline, but most transportation policymakers haven’t recognized this yet.
  • In an effort to bike to work safely in Los Angeles, cyclists are organizing bike trains.
  • A protest by people both for and against new bike lanes in San Pedro was scheduled last Monday.
  • Police are planning to increase patrols along the LA River bike path after a couple cyclists were recently attacked.