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City of San Diego

San Diego Region

  • A cyclist was killed while riding in a bike lane in Carlsbad by a driver who says he fell asleep while driving.  The driver has not been charged with any crime or vehicular violation at this time.
  • San Diego County gets an “F” from the American Lung Association for air quality.
  • A new BMX track is open in Chula Vista.
  • The first bike corral in North County has been installed in Carlsbad.
  • Former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders editorializes for CEQA reform, misleadingly characterizing SANDAG’s transportation plan – which was found to be illegal under CEQA – as mass transit and environmentally friendly.
  • The Oceanside City Council approved a plan for improvements to Mission Avenue, the lone no vote was from Councilwoman Esther Sanchez who expressed disapproval of the reverse angle parking and lack of a class 1 bike lane.


  • In Beverly Hills police are looking for a motorist suspected of attempted murder after pinning a bicyclist against a trash bin.
  • Nearly two bikes are sold for every car in Europe.
  • Los Angeles looks to Rotterdam for inspiration creating a bike friendly city.
  • If you ever wanted a bike made out of plywood, you might not have to wait much longer.
  • It’s Bike To School Week in San Francisco.
  • An in depth look at how Google is using bikes in the workplace.
  • As New York City’s bike share program gets underway, some residents and business owners are worried about its impact.
  • Bike Corrals are being used to protect separated bicycle lanes in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan.
  • London is putting £100 million out to bid for outer boroughs to make themselves into “mini-Hollands”.
  • A British company has introduced a system that works with GPS devices to warn truck drivers when they are on roads popular with cyclists.