Meet Kyle Carscaden, our Business Coordinator

Meet Kyle, our new staff member who has recently joined us to manage our Business Program – a core part of our our third year focus. Kyle recently moved to San Diego and is eager to help in making San Diego a world-class city for bicycling. I wanted to introduce him to you. Hope you can join me in welcoming him to San Diego and BikeSD later this month at 3rd Space. See details at the bottom of this post.

kyle1.  Kyle, what made you want to work for BikeSD, a non-profit advocacy group?

As a recent transplant to San Diego from New York City (NYC), I was surprised by the lack of cohesive cycling infrastructure and I was even more surprised that there wasn’t an established pro-bike lane group. I was pleasantly surprised to find BikeSD and quickly joined to help with its expansion in improving every cyclist’s infrastructure in the city.

2. What is your background and why did you think this position would be a good fit for you?
I had spent the last four and a half years in NYC in the real estate business. I became exhausted of living in such a dense city, in cramped quarters and felt the need to come out west. I thought this position would be a good fit because of my sales background and my passion for improving the cycling infrastructure in San Diego (or the lack there of).

3. What programs or projects will you be working on as the Business Coordinator?
My  main focus will be on the Dero Bike Rack Program and facilitating the installation of their products in the private right-of-way along with promoting the bike friendly business program, by getting businesses recognized locally and nationally. I’ll also be working to set up bicycle valet program throughout the downtown neighborhoods at the farmers market, events and festivals in downtown San Diego

4. Please expand more about this bike rack program you are working on
We recently completed signing an agreement with Dero on becoming an exclusive dealer for Dero in San Diego.  This program will benefit both our work and Dero as well. The commissions from the sales go directly to BikeSD. And will continue to fund our advocacy while providing property owners and large business as well as groups like the Downtown Partnership, Little Italy Association and other similar entities to have more available parking. Helping sell bike racks can help facilitate the bike friendly business program and provide a tremendous service to the local businesses in San Diego. The retail cost to the business is the same – whether they buy from us or directly from Dero . I am the point person for all things Dero bike rack related in San Diego. If you or your current business could use a bike parking  solution, don’t hesitate to contact me.

5. What sort riding do you do, what kind of bike do you ride?

I have a Trek Madone road bike. I ride for exercise and stress relief and I enjoy riding out to East  County, although now I do commute to BikeSD’s offices. I would like to eventually mountain bike as well. Now that I’ve moved out to San Diego I’d like to experience all forms of cycling.
Thanks Kyle, for joining the team. Want to meet and chat with Kyle in person? Join us at the open-house meet and greet on Friday the 27th. Want to contact him to learn more about the bike rack program? Email him at or via phone at 480-213-7964
Meet  Kyle Carscaden and the BikeSD board and members
February 27th, 2015
7PM at 3rd Space
4610 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92116

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