Last Night’s Mayoral Debate on Biking, Walking and Transit

Last night, the two mayoral candidates met to debate on livability issues that revolve around transportation: walking, biking and transit.

I was happy to hear Congressman Filner discussing his idea of bringing Ciclovia to San Diego and raising the issue of how important bike infrastructure is in order to provide a safe space for people to bike. Councilmember DeMaio brought the point about how he intends to tie biking to his Streets Plan.

Below is a video from NBC San Diego on where the candidates stand on the importance of bike infrastructure.

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I was unable to attend the debate last night. I am now a board member (and interim Treasurer) of the California Bicycle Coalition – our state based bike coalition. Our board meeting (my first) was scheduled for last night which presented a delightful conflict for me. I have to admit that I am incredibly pleased to see the issue of transportation around a livable San Diego finally get a place in the public discussion.

What were your thoughts about last night’s debate?