Good News Friday: Mandatory Helmet Bill Gone

Riding happy at the first CicloSDias.

As reported by Streetsblog California,

The mandatory bicycle helmet bill, Senator Carol Liu’s Senate Bill 192, has been dropped—or rather amended. Instead of requiring bicyclists to wear helmets, it calls on the Office of Traffic Safety to conduct a study of bicycle helmet use.

Liu’s office released a statement, first reported by former Streetsblog San Francisco editor Bryan Goebel, explaining the decision.

The bill was amended to create a comprehensive study of bicycle helmet use in California and evaluate the potential safety benefits of a mandatory helmet law. Carol believes in consensus-driven policy, and there were too many conflicting opinions about helmet use. A study will provide the data needed to guide us to the next step.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to oppose the bill. A data driven approach to safety is a much more welcome approach than one based in baseless assertions.

If you’d like to celebrate this good news, why not Bike to the Theatre tomorrow or ride in the Gran Fondo. Tickets to the Gran Fondo are $7 off with code “BikeSD” or $14 off of the “fun Fondo” 20 miler.

Have a great weekend everyone!