Foto Friday: Riding into the New Year – Signs of Improvement in District 2

Article and photos by BikeSD member and supporter, Kelly Cummings.

Way finding has been made easier for bicyclists with the addition of new signage. This example (above) is on the north side of the Sunset Cliffs Bridge over the San Diego River.

Late October 2012, BikeSD board member Nicole Burgess led San Diego City Senior Traffic Engineers Brian Genovese and Lynn Wade on an exploratory ride around Ocean Beach. Lynn Wade worked to document the need for way finding signage to help people navigate easily into the different areas of Ocean Beach by bicycle.

Nicole Burgess (left), Brian Genovese (middle), Lynn Wade (right)
It was during this October meeting with the Ocean Beach residents that Brian Genovese got a taste of the challenges that every new rider riding riding from downtown San Diego to Ocean Beach faces. Brian had ridden from downtown and as a new San Diego resident, Genovese was unfamiliar with navigating his way along Harbor Drive, Nimitz Boulevard into Ocean Beach. His first hand experience with navigating these unfamiliar roads helped him to see the the need for improved signage and way finding signs. His experience was similar to any other visitor or newbie who tries to find their way around town. This October trip was also Genovese’s introduction to Nimitz Boulevard that helped him to see the need for improved road surface, buffered bike lanes as well as good signage along this route.

Below are some examples of the recent changes and additions to bicycle signage for way finding in the Ocean Beach area. There is much more than this going up around town. Have you noticed any new signs? Send us an image and location.

New Signage (left) Old Signage (right)
New Signage (left) Old Signage (right)
New Signage (left) Old Signage (right)
New Signage (left) Old Signage (right)

New Signage (left) Old Signage (right)

This is a brand new sign along the Ocean Beach Bike Path
that helps to direct riders into specific areas of this beach community.
For all new bicycle riders, be they local residents or visitors to San Diego, the help provided by good signage will assist them to navigate San Diego more easily. If a guest from the many resorts and hotels around Mission Bay wants to check out Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, the Cabrillo National Monument, Shelter Island or even downtown, getting there is now a little easier. It works in the other direction also. If visitors and guests staying downtown or on Harbor Island want to explore Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay and even up to La Jolla, they can now more easily find their way. These guests can also easily find the charming gift shops, good restaurants and other attractions in the local business districts for a nice bit of browsing and/or a refreshing pick me up.

With the coming bike share program soon to roll out in San Diego, all this infrastructure improvement including signage, buffered bike lanes and improved road conditions will help to make San Diego a desirerable place to visit and live. Leveraging the good weather, natural beauty and terrific accommodations found in San Diego will help to make our city attractive to our “velo visitors”, be they vacationers, conventioneers, business people and of course our local citizens.

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