Foto Friday: A weekend to look forward to

The weekend you’ve impatiently been waiting for is finally here.

e4cef18230b7898865af66560f58ce4cTomorrow, San Diegans will experience some of the city’s best bicycle infratructure and taste some of the world best beer at Bikes & Beers.

While the initial run of tickets sold out, you begging and pleading the organizers of Bikes & Beer to let you join in, melted their cold, cold hearts and they issued 80 more tickets for sale that is just waiting for you to purchase. So don’t delay. Remember, BikeSD benefits from this event which promises to be most excellent. So get your tickets, ramp up the anticipation and don’t forget to take photos, photos, and have a lot of fun tomorrow.

Also remember, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t otherwise do on a bicycle.


On Sunday, the second CicloSDias (this time organized by the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition) will make its way to Pacific Beach.  Thanks to the leadership of Councilmembers Todd Gloria, David Alvarez, Sherri Lightner and Lorie Zapf for donating significant funds to the second Ciclosdias.

We will have a booth at the Garnet and Ingraham Hub. Since watermelons are not in season this time we’re calling for some of the best chalk art you can create on the CicloSDias route. Bring some chalk and show us your best creative artwork to win cool prizes by tagging your work on your social media outlet of choice using #chalkSD. Would you like to help make our hub the destination along the route? Then sign up to volunteer!

Photo: via Modern Times Beer “This is what SD’s streets should look like everyday. Next time, we’ll brew a #ciclosdias beer & make bike deliveries “