Draft Bicycle Plan Update

I attended the Draft Bicycle Plan Open House earlier today and was happy to see that it was well attended. The attendees offered many suggestions that will be presented to the City for incorporation into their Master Bicycle Plan. I was unclear on the time frame involved in order for these recommendations to take effect.

The recommendations include new ideas for San Diego including ideas like creating cycle tracks and bike boulevards, particularly along Island Avenue which would be a much needed relief for commuters riding east-west and heading downtown.

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Many of the recommendations were ideas to retrofit existing infrastructure rather than creating brand new infrastructure. In light of California’s budgetary woes, that is probably a good idea. However to really induce more San Diegans to ride, the city does need to reach out for more innovative ideas. Some of the ideas being considered included chicanes which would slow auto traffic on wide streets like Genesee Avenue or Balboa Avenue. There were also proposals on how to incorporate multi-modal methods of traveling throughout the city

Attendees at the Open House
Attendees at the Open House

I, for one, am eager to see the proposals incorporated as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts on the Draft Bicycle Plan? Do you have suggestions on improving it?