County Board of Supervisors Chairman Greg Cox Supports Protected Bicycle Facilities on Nimitz Boulevard

Nicole Burgess
Nicole Burgess

BikeSD Board member and Ocean Beach resident, Nicole Burgess, has been steadily advocating to transform Nimitz Boulevard from its current sorry state to a world-class greenway that provides a safe passage for all its users, especially its bicycle riders. Burgess leads Ocean Beach’s bike train to school on a daily basis and traversing the high speed sections of Nimitz Boulevard doesn’t make for a very pleasant riding environment for either adults or children.

Burgess has engaged her local Councilmember, Kevin Faulconer in her advocacy efforts and now her efforts have gotten the support from the County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Greg Cox. Below is a copy of the letter Cox sent to Caltrans Transportation Planner, Connery Cepeda stating his support for a Class 1 bike facility  on Nimitz Boulevard. The SANDAG Regional Bike Plan calls for cycletracks to be built on Nimitz Boulevard as part of its early action projects and we hope that this letter of support from Chairman Cox speeds up the design and construction process so more children in Ocean Beach can ride in comfort to their schools on a safe, comfortable and inviting bicycle facility.

Greg Cox Support Letter
Greg Cox Support Letter. Click for bigger version