City’s Development Services Building: Now Less Ugly With Bike Racks on B Street

Screenshot from 2015-12-09 16:20:53
A scary place to park a bicycle is right next to a looming parking garage with a ramp from the garage right above your head!

I attended a meeting at the Development Services Building located at 1st Avenue and A Street about a month ago and found that there was not a pole or a bike rack to be found where I could look my bicycle up to. I wound up locking my bike up to the “A Street” sign which was not pleasant to either get to or lock my bike up to. See the google screenshot on your left to see what I’m referring to.

I was a bit unhappy to not have any spot to park my bike! After my meeting I complained about my experience with my Business Coordinator, Kyle, who then made a request with the city to install bike racks and this afternoon he got word (and proof) that new bike racks have been installed in front of the Development Services Building on B Street. So exciting! All these racks need are more bicycles parked next to them. Thank you to the city staffer Ahmad Erikat for getting these racks installed so quickly. If you’d like some bike racks installed in the public right of way, don’t be shy to get in touch with Traffic Ops. If you want bike racks to install on your private property and support our work simultaneously, get in touch with Kyle. He’s waiting to hear from you.

Photo via Ahmad Erikat.. Thanks Ahmad!