City to unveil new roadway safety campaign

The City of San Diego and SANDAG will unveil a new roadway safety campaign next month called “Lose the Roaditude” which aims to reduce the number of confrontations and accidents between automobile drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The campaign is designed to increase awareness of basic traffic rules, promote courtesy, and reduce aggressive behavior by all users of public roadways.

From the webpage:

Through the Lose the Roaditude Campaign, we strive to foster respect among cyclists, motorists and pedestrians and encourage them to share the road safely by reducing aggressive attitudes while biking, driving and walking. Ultimately, the campaign goal is to modify the behaviors of these three groups in order to decrease the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities (emphasis added).


While the safety angle and the call to follow the rules of the road are much appreciated, one wonders whether bicyclists and pedestrians are really the source of much roadway aggression. Does yelling at a driver who nearly runs down a pedestrian or bicyclist constitute aggressive behavior? Suggesting that drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians all have an obligation to be courteous and observe traffic safety is fine (we’re big proponents of bicyclists behaving courteously), but as long as automobiles constitute the majority of the traffic (and cause the majority of accidents), they should be the primary targets of any campaign to reduce aggressive and unlawful behavior.

Bike San Diego will be following this new campaign as it develops, hopefully in a positive direction.