California Bicycle Coalition Urges “No” On Proposition 33

From the Sacramento based bike advocacy group, an urge to vote “no” on Proposition 33 tomorrow:

Why would a bicycle advocacy group oppose Proposition 33, an automobile insurance initiative?

Because if Proposition 33 passes, those of us who have found a way to avoid car insurance costs would be punished by paying higher rates if we choose to own and insure a car again. That’s precisely the wrong policy to enact when so many Californians are discovering that our streets are getting safer and that the bicycle is actually a practical and joyous way to get around. Some of us have found biking, walking, transit, and the occasional rental car to be so practical that we’ve sold our private cars. That’s a huge economic benefit: the money we would otherwise spend on cars goes into our local economy, creates local jobs, and helps our own pocketbook.