Bankers Hills/Park West Community Association Voluntarily Dismisses their Lawsuit over Fourth and Fifth Avenue Bike Lanes

Happy people riding on Fifth Avenue buffered bike lanes. Photo: Beth Peralta-Reed

Good news: Leo Wilson who (through Bankers Hill/Park West Community Association) sued the city of San Diego in December 2014 over the buffered bike lanes on Fourth and Fifth Avenues, has voluntarily dismissed their own lawsuit.

The exciting proof is below.20160314143946778-1.

Did Wilson have a change of heart and decide to focus his ire on more worthier offences than stripes of paint on the road? Is he more focused on his contra-flow bike lane proposal? Has he realized that advocating for parking is not a good use of his time? I haven’t had the time to ask or figure it out, but I am happy to celebrate good news when I see it. So yay.

h/t to Liam Dillon for the tip on the dismissal.