Assault against fellow cyclist in Sherman Heights

Jay Porter, proprietor of El Take it Easy and The Linkery, was assaulted while riding home a few hours ago.

The aggressor is a white male with a red beard in his 30s who was driving a white pickup truck, license #5R23007.

If you see this driver, please report him to the San Diego Police Department immediately by calling 911 (especially if he threatens you) or the non-emergency line at 619-531-2000 and take tremendous caution as he is dangerous and mentally unstable,

He was angry that I was riding my bike in the center of Broadway, slowly and legally, for a couple hundred feet as I prepared to make a left turn onto 25th. In reaction to which, he “buzzed” me with his truck, challenged me to a fight, sought me out after I bravely ran away, found me and attempted to run me down in Sherman Heights (which I evaded by riding onto the sidewalk between some trees), and then threatened to kill me while shoving me into an alcove, as I (and other bystanders) called 911. My 911 call, for what it’s worth, went to CHP voicemail. (I was later told this is how the calls are routed from places close to the freeway.)

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