A vision for the Presidio: one-way vehicular loop on Presidio & Jackson

Presidio Drive streetviewTo support safer biking and walking conditions on Presidio Drive and around the beautiful park, BikeSD is creating a vision and a collaborative effort to redirect traffic into a one-way vehicular loop composed of Presidio Drive and Jackson Street.

Vehicles would be restricted to a single direction — either westbound on Presidio; eastbound on Jackson or the reverse — while people walking and riding would gain the extra land space to go in either direction, such as other multi-use paths around the city. Furthermore, the idea to make Presidio Drive into a one way lane for vehicles while using the other lane for bikes and pedestrians is also part of the community plan. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to align and BikeSD sees the possibility of making this idea a reality.

BikeSD was excited to learn that District 3 Council Member Chris Ward had prioritized this concept in his 2019/2020 budget priorities. It’s great to have CM Ward’s leadership and voice for the need to create safer streets. We applaud his support for bike infrastructure that is safe and and comfortable for people of all ages.

We will continue to strategize and collaborate with stakeholders to identify the next steps to implement this concept. In reality, appropriate paint markings and signage is all that is needed to change this flow of traffic. Perhaps we can create an experimental project to see if it really can work out.  If you are interested in working on this project or want to contribute in any way, please email talk@bikesd.org.

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