A Farewell from Jim Lundquist, Former San Diego Bicycle Coordinator

Jim Lundquist, San Diego Bicycle Coordinator.

As of today, Jim Lundquist is no longer San Diego’s bicycle coordinator. He was reassigned to a different department. Fortunately, the new bike coordinator, Thomas Landre who oversaw the University Avenue Mobility Study, is both enthusiastic and committed to making San Diego a bicycling destination.

Arturo Viazcán (left) of Paseo de Todos and Jim Lundquist, San Diego's Bicycle Coordinator at the Critical Manners Ride held in August, 2011. Photo by Jinna Albright of Thomas Bike Shop

I asked Jim Lundquist if he had any final words to say about his position and he stated the following,

I totally enjoyed my time as Bike Coordinator for the past two years. I was able to get many projects completed with the support of the Bike community and City staff. I was also able to get the position working full-time on bike issues and not other tasks.

Tom (Landre) is a good guy who has bicycling experience. I’m here as support when he needs it. I would recommend that we keep on pushing for bike projects and the funding necessary to bring them forward.

I hoped that Jim would continue riding despite the fact that he was no longer the city’s bike czar and he was able to assuage my concerns by stating that he intends to continue riding,

Yes, I am going to keep biking. In fact, I rode into my new position today, my first day.

Thank you Jim for being such a phenomenal advocate for cyclists in the City. Jim has done tremendous work for the region’s cyclists. Feel free to share your thoughts about the good work he has done in the two (short) years Jim was the city’s Bike Coordinator, in the comments.